Sargon of Akkad and TJ are Known to have a Homosexuel Brony Realtionship they first met each other in 1889th of April, 1914 Their first Recorded Sex Experince was with a German Strap On and a Pony they also have a Secret love baby known on the Show as G-Man The Reason for his Color is for a Cover up, but Mario The Christian Discovered that in Secret he was a Love Baby of Both of themr, G-Man is also known for Having Incest with both, Their Love Started Really to bond on the great Dating site "Stormfront" Where they both Agreed to get Married, They got Married on the 1st of September 1939 In Berlin Germany, The Priest who Married them was Known as "14/88 HH The Goyim" From Stormfront a Great Website that they still use to this Day, Their Relationship was at one point in December 25, 1991 Challenged when TJ was known to have a Lover Realtionship with the Online Striper and Webcam host "Anita SA8005" This got both of them Mad however in the end they solved it, And got a New Baby Ben The Communist, Who has a Loving Realtionship with G-man Incest is a big part of it. Today They both still love eachother and Bond on the great Idea of Feminism wich they have both Loved since the day they met.