Veganism is a dietary system in which wealthy White dildos become allergic to food due to White Guilt. When White Guilt reaches high enough levels, White people feel bad about eating animals that don't even care about themselves. TJ has demonstrated his solidarity against veganism by engaging in cannibalism during each break.

It is a extra-pussified version of vegetarianism. It often serves as a way for girls to mask their anorexia.

Pretentious Liberal Cocksucking Edit

Vegans consider themselves morally superior to others, so they invent arbitrary rules to fabricate their own ideological dominance. Vegans for some reason think that you can't be a critic of the meat industry if you purchase and consume its items. They often publish their rhetoric through electronic devices made by companies that engage in massive human labor rights violations. Vegans can be tough to spot because they are too skinny and malnourished to be detected from a distance.

Dragging People Down with Them Edit

Some people have to resort to veganism for medical reasons. The unfortunate souls are ruined by association of the moral crusaders.

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